Let us keep your tax dollar in your pocket

Providing Professional Accounting and Tax Services

Office (626) 810-6788

Let us keep your tax dollar in your pocket

Providing Professional Accounting and Tax Services

Office (626) 810-6788

Our Services


Accounting & Bookkeeping

We can replace your back office with accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping support. When it comes to complex issues, rely on us. 


Your Taxes, Simplified

We are always up-to-date on current tax legislation, so we are always ready, even in the toughest situations. We are also dedicated to a paperless environment; this means that your information is readily available to you upon your request. Our company has also built a strong strategic partnership with firms that specialize in procuring government tax credits. As a result, you are assured to have a maximized cash inflow.


Add-On Services

We are not just filing tax returns for you; we will go the extra mile to better serve you in many other areas.  We are licensed in assisting clients in securing residential and commercial loans from wholesale channels. This assures that you will be offered the best rates possible from our lenders. Of course, it also means more money will stay in your pocket.  

We are honored to be a regional preferred representative for one of the most renown insurance companies in the world; we’re trusted to use our taxation expertise to provide the most suitable financial products for our clients. 

We are licensed to provide Fixed Index Annuities, Fixed Index Universal Life Insurance, and Long-Term Care (LTC) policies to our clients.

About Us


Nothing is better than keeping money in your pocket!


Life is like a game of golf; the winner is the one that has completed all 18 holes with the least amount of strokes. Compared to the other players, they have achieved an exceptional result with minimal effort. We are here to make you that winner. We will advise you with our tax strategies and bring you money from your government credit.


Tony Yimu Wang, the founder of California Public Accountancy Corp., is a certified public accountant in the State of California. Born and raised in Taiwan, Tony studied in the USA where he passed the CPA exam. He started his career with CBIZ Inc. by taking charge of numerous audit engagements nationwide.  Tony was also a former Deputy Finance Director at the city of South Gate. In his years with the local government, Tony helped the City issue $100M in sewer and water bonds, and his fiscal budget compilation has won many awards from the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada. Tony has specialized in tax and financial planning for most of his career; he now also spends a considerable amount of time writing a weekly tax newsletters and other tax resource publications for his subscribers. Tony is also a frequent guest in prominent television programs in Asian community.